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A Certified Business Broker can Value, Market and SELL your Business!

There are hundreds of variables in selling a business and it is the Broker’s job to pay close attention to all of the details to make sure the business transaction is a smooth one. There are many be

Finding the right buyer for the right business is the key to a successful transaction.

Finding the right buyer for the right business is the key to a smooth sales transaction, and also contributes to the continued success and growth of the company. When selling a business, you want the

Preparing for the sale of your business.

If you are thinking about selling your business, it would be greatly beneficial to catalog all of your assets in order to help facilitate a successful sales transaction. One of the first lis

Common Terms for Business Sales & Acquisitions

Accrual Basis AccountingA method of accounting wherein income and expenses are recognized, with the statements, when the business first acquires the right to receive the income, or the obligation to p

Valuing Your Business

 The 3 different approaches used to value a business are the: 1) Asset Approach, 2) Income Approach, and 3) Market Approach.Asset ApproachThe Asset Approach is generally considered to yield the m